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Your questions?

"Are your cars insured or are there "Uber-raschungen"?

All of our companies work with official permits!  Both the vehicles as well as the driving personnel are subject to strict regulations. Official documents are renewed at regular intervals.

"How can I order a transfer?"

Please book your orders exclusively over our booking portal on the Internet. Just enter your start/destination, date of travel and the number of people. With a click on "calculate travel price" various rates with fixed prices are shown.  After an order is booked and dispatched, a confirmation of receipt will follow as will a binding confirmation of the booking via email shortly after.

"How can I cancel an order?"

Private-Shuttle: Order cancelation are possible free of charge for up to 24 hours, up to 3 hours at 50% of the travel price, and after that 100% of the travel price. This is also noted in our general terms and conditions.

"When booking multiple orders, do we always have to enter the order date?" - no!

Just book from your customer account (login). All the data is pre-entered there that you provided during your registration. This doesn't need to be repeated.

"Is the price that was calculated really correct?" - yes!

When the address entered was complete and correct, the price will be correct.

"We would like to take friends with us on our trip, can you make stops along the way?" - yes!

Just enter on the way and  the address “Start” and “Dest” click on the Link “ad stopover”.

"Is the price per person?" - no!

In the rates “privat-shuttle” and “business-shuttle” always refer to the price of the entire vehicle, individually and completely for you.  Only the rate “Community-shuttle” calculated price per person whereby the end price considers the total number of people in your booked order. This is always listed in the price entry.

"Will someone be traveling with us or will we be alone?" - You travel alone!

In our rates “privat-shuttle” and “business-shuttle” the complete vehicle with the driver is available for you individually. Only in the rate “community-shuttle” will additional people travel together with you. These journeys are performed with mini buses that have a maximum of 8 seats.

"How can I pay the journey charges?"

The most easy and cheap way is with our discount cash price, that you pay to the driver after completing your booked journey in exchange for a receipt. Additional types of payment are: credit cards, invoices, PayPal – performed while booking an order.

"Can I pay the driver with a credit card?" -no!

Credit card payments are only possible online while booking an order.

"Can you pick us up again at the airport?" - yes!

You can book getting picked up from the airport with the journey to the airport (round trip journey). Enter the arrival date, the planned arrival time and flight number. Please be aware of the date of arrival with evening flights.

"How do we find the driver at the airport?"

That depends on which option you booked! There are two possibilities:
a.) The cheap standard pick up at a clear travel price:
When you are on board and before you have received your baggage, just call our center and we will give you the exit at which our driver will pick you up. You can find the telephone number on your booking confirmation.
b.) When you booked a pick up with a sign (included with business and first class):
You will then meet our driver at the meeting point of the corresponding terminal with your name sign and they will also help you with your luggage.

"Can you also drive us when we have more luggage than normal?" - yes!

Just note the amount of luggage you will have with you when you book your order. For special cases like sports, film, or expedition equipment, just get in touch with us. We have the right mode transport for every situation.

"Can our dog also come with us?" - yes!

Transporting animals is no problem for us! Just enter the size of your animal's box.

"Do you have child seats in your vehicle?"

We offer seating equipment for children of all ages. We have infant carriers, child seats, and booster seats available.

"What is “community-shuttle"?

Save by traveling together.  Direct and comfortably travel from door to door without a bus stop. Travel and get to know the young way of traveling with good company. Order from your address to your individual destination. In the start and destination sections, additional addresses are planned and other passengers are picked up and dropped off. The route is ecologically optimized so that detours can be avoided. The journey takes place in mini buses with up to 8 seats for passengers. Just select the planned time of arrival from the proposals to find an order time.

We will gladly answer any additional questions over the phone or via email:

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