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  Save and travel together.  
  Comfortable and direct, from door to door.  
  Travel and get to know someone. The young way of traveling in good company.  
  Order from your address to your individual destination. In the start and destination section, additional addresses are planned and other passengers are picked up or dropped off. The route is ecologically optimized so that detours can be avoided. The trip takes place in a mini bus with up to 8 seats. Just select the planned time of arrival from the proposals to find an order time.  
  Currently we offer this service for:  
  Munich City from/to Airport Munich ab 14,90 € p.P.  
  Augsburg from/to Airport Munich ab 24,90 € p.P.  
  Mannheim/Heidelberg from/to Frankfurt ab 23,90 € p.P.  
  We are constantly expanding our services.  
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